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Located 20 kilometres from the centre of Madrid, in Humanes de Madrid, the Restaurant Coque welcomes us with three generations of excitement and professionalism dedicated to culinary excellence. This is a culinary space decorated by the prestigious architect Nacho García de Vinuesa, where we will begin a four-step culinary journey: wine cellar, kitchen hall and lounge, to be travelled by the immersed client without their being aware. This is a culinary journey based on memory cuisine, with flavours as unique as they are delicate, evoking a memory, a landscape… and that make Coque a singular restaurant. We transmit these sensations through the latest techniques in innovation and science in cuisine. “Coque is a space inhabited by desire.”

The Sandoval brothers, architects of flavour, are at the forefront of a project being lived in the impacting multi-sensory wine cellar with more than 2,500 reference-point wines from all over the world, a welcome cocktail and six snacks prepared with wine polyphenols with a surprising presentation and winning flavour. The show continues with a visit the kitchen itself, where the day’s food is being prepared at all times and you are welcomed by the chef himself, Mario Sandoval at the true heart of Coque, along with the avant-garde oven and the different woods for cooking. Here we have three snacks from the earth, created and cared for from the cradle. From our own garden to the table with no middlemen, where the naturalness of the products and their aroma are in harmony.

The third step on the journey is the pause, the true delight of the best part of the culinary experience and flavour archaeology. With an impeccable hall service directed by our hall director Diego Sandoval and spaced-out tables as per the most international trends in haute cuisine. Two complete menus with an option to harmonise them with wines selected by our sommelier Rafael Sandoval, ending with the dessert and sweet touch in the lounge area.

Our History

Archaeology of flavours


More than 60 years working and innovating in cuisine, never taking our eyes off the future of flavour. Coque has three suns in the Repsol 2015 Guide, three M’s in the Metrópoli Guide and one Michelin star in the Red Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal. The chef, Mario Sandoval, is winner of the National Culinary 2013 Award.

Constant research in three stages.

MATERIAL (from 1949 to 1999), since Coque was born, the previous generations were obsessed with obtaining the best product to make cuisine based on culinary memory. This is the best legacy left by the Sandoval brothers.

ARCHAEOLOGY OF FLAVOURS (from 2000 until today), the Sandoval brothers have been in charge of the restaurant, based on culinary exploration and recovering memory cuisine by means of constantly working with scientists and historians.

BOILING. The future they are working toward is based on “Gastroscience,” a science based on flavour harmony with functional culinary techniques for human beings.

Coming to Coque means starting a culinary voyage based on flavours and innovation. A four-step experience that we like to have hand-in-hand with our visitors…

“If you decide to go to Coque, you cannot forget the total sensory kit. All of the senses, even the ones you think that only you possess. You will need not only smell and savour, but also touch, palpate, imagine and even recreate flavours that had never settled in your mouth.”

“The welcome is a bit sidereal. Surrounding by almost 2,500 reference points that speak and tell you their story, exhibitors inserted into the floor you can scrutinised with the famed inaugural cocktail to cut the tape on a culinary journey inaugurated amongst fireplaces, the workshop where all artists sketch out their gift. On the table, and with that warm ambiance, made with such naturalness”

“Coque is something else. Earthly and divine. A journey with no return to sincere, independent cuisine. Passion and devotion. Style and good manners”

Arqueólogos de los sabores

The Sandoval brothers

A family and an entire team of more than 40 people working so that the aroma of wood coming from the avant-garde oven is always the same.


Mario Sandoval

Mario Sandoval

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Mario Sandoval

Rafael Sandoval

Rafael Sandoval

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Rafael Sandoval

Diego Sandoval

Diego Sandoval

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Diego Sandoval


The archaeology of flavours is means that the Sandoval brothers are constantly studying and evolving, contributing to the culinary landscape. This is no secret. To show their avant-garde cuisine and how to work at a restaurant with a Michelin Star, they propose three internship programmes oriented toward restaurant students and people with culinary interest, interested in learning about memory cuisine at Coque, how they prepare certain technique-heavy dishes, such as gastrogenomics, for example.


4-month certificate

4-month certificate

In order to carry out an internship at Coque with “CERTIFICATE,” the course lasts 4 months: Certification/4 months, three courses, beginning 1 September, 2 January and 2 April. There is no cost for the student. They merely take on the commitment to be at the restaurant form Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 18h, Friday and Saturday from 20h to 24h.

Contact us

Press contact

To find out more about the archaeologists of flavours and their avant-garde cuisine, interview and feature management and questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Memory cuisine

From root and cultivation to the plate

Mario Sandoval is constantly researching. In collaboration with institutions such as IMIDRA, CESIC, EMINA and UCTL, he has several innovative projects underway.




In his facet as researcher and disseminator of culinary art and science, in addition to collaborating on different books, Mario Sandoval has created Gastrogenomics, a new science to recover fruits and vegetables from Madrid based on studying their DNA in collaboration with IMIDRA.

This culinary science, patented by Mario Sandoval, is based on using seeds from autochthonous horticultural varieties, sown in urban gardens. This makes the chef an Agro-Chef, respecting and recovering the genetic diversity of our cultivated plants.


Egg Hydrolysis

This technique, minutely used and researched by Mario Sandoval, is based on obtaining egg products with singular textures by means of hydrolysis of the entire egg, egg yolk, or egg white. The goal is to obtain singular textures for culinary preparation and adaptation.

These egg products, obtained and used in memory cuisine, do not have lactose or lactose derivatives in their composition. This is beneficial for a large part of the population and for Coque’s clients.


Wine Polyphenols

This technique is based on a complex process. The grape marc contacts a hydro alcoholic mixture under certain temperature and pH conditions. This concentrated liquid undergoes an atomisation drying process, finally obtaining a powdered product. The result of this process is a polyphenol extract with great antioxidant capacity.

Mario Sandoval fuses it with food by adding it before, during or after preparing the recipe. This ingredient enriches dishes, adding new sensory properties such as flavour, colour, aroma or texture

Supercritical Fluids

During the 2013 National Culinary Award, Mario Sandoval presented this new technique: for the first time, he applied the supercritical fluid extraction technique to haute cuisine. This extraction is based on using a fluid that combines the advantages of gases and liquids, thanks to selecting certain pressure and temperature conditions. In doing so, Mario Sandoval managed to obtain the essence of products, turning aroma into flavour.

Food Concept

Mario Sandoval Catering

A complete culinary service for individuals and companies. Part of sensory cuisine is designing culinary experiences and dishes. Coque’s dreamlike world, transformed into the reality of events.

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La Romaneé

Estate for large events

Space for events located in Griñón. This is the base for the catering services offered by Mario Sandoval outside of his culinary spaces. Personalisation for private and company events.

La Romanée
Avda. Humanes, 52 – Griñón
Tel. +34 91 814 99 78

Calle de Francisco Encinas, 8, 28970 Humanes de Madrid, Tlf: +34 916 04 02 02


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